To my veiwers…

I wolud like to say that im now gooing to post things at 10:30 from now on. to keep things clear.



**Scropio Alert!!

Saturday; Nov 19, 2011:

    It’s fully acceptable to be as picky as you want about your social commitments because you don’t have much time to waste today. Even if you did, you would still rather choose your own activities than follow along with someone else’s. But totally isolating yourself from friends and family isn’t useful, either. Manage your time more efficiently so that you can enjoy hanging out with those who matter the most to your heart.

**Scropio Alert!!

Friday, Nov 18, 2011 

    You are motivated to take a firm stand on an issue that demonstrates your integrity today. However, your concerns about being judged in a negative light could tempt you to overstate your position. You may be so adamant that others go quiet, thinking there’s no room for meaningful dialogue. You can soften your words without having to compromise your convictions by remembering that someone can hold a different point of view without taking anything away from yours.

Im a tell you this…..

Loving yourself isn’t through your:

  • Hair
  • Makeup
  • But
  • Boobs
  • Body

Dont get me wrong your are supposed to take care of those things but come on if their your pride than uh……

There’s a girl I know I don’t wanna name no fingers but uh she really think she all that but she not though so that’s why no body like her because she’s basically to overrated.My point being don’t think you all that just because you got a body I mean really. s:|